Job Noon is a recruiter agency that focuses on technology candidates for fast growing startups, and focuses on quality hires

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Key Benefits

Better Reach , Risk Free Unlock The Task Of Finding Tech Talent In Your Organization Risk Free

No Upfront Fees

No fees or retainer, non-exclusive, contingency based and zero risk

Better Candidates

Save time with better pre-screening of candidates, match core skills, check references to ensure best fit.

Performance Guarantee

Free replacement if new hire does not work out in first 90 days from new hire.

Our process

Initiate . Target . Screen . Check

Upon Starting , We Aggressively Target Screen Applicants With Your Must Have Skills ,Needle in Haystack Talent.

Initial call

To improve job satisfaction and performance of our placed candidates we match with your organization, we conduct a concise, yet thorough screening call with your hiring manager or key staff. This short 15min is strategically designed to confirm in your words, the top 3 skills needed for your job description, geographical needs, and experience level of the candidate we are matching for you.

San Francisco | Vacancy | Jobnoon | Technical recruiter

We focus on technology roles from over 120K US Startups


Common Questions

We are a contingency fee tech recruiter agency.  Upon hiring your candidate with accepted offer letter, we ask for a 30 day NET payment window to close the account.

Absolutely not!  Unlike other recruiter agencies that charge an upfront fee, or a hefty retainer, we go to work after a short 5-10min kick-off meeting, and signed fee agreement.  

This gives you a risk-free way to work with us, and we will send you applicants to review and schedule for interviews.

This brief 10-15min launch call is to launch our work together, confirm leading skills you need, and confirm we kick off smoothly together.  

We found it best to hear in employers’ own words what he/she is looking for in a top applicant.   Also how recruiter process works and contingency fee is clarified before kicking off.  After that, we will be just sending you candidates to decide to book interviews with.

Great question.   Rather than just word of mouth, or posting job board posts, we actively tap into our databases, find the gem applicants with your leading necessary skills and experience, reach out to each candidate, do a comprehensive screening with them to ensure they are a good fit and set proper expectations, then present those applicants to you.

Also, we get deeper insight into the psychology and motivation of the applicant, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise, since we are a neutral 3rd party.   For instance, we discern why they want to change positions, what motivates them (not always salary), and what are their values and aspirations with their next company.
We also filter out disqualifiers before introducing them to the client, to avoid time wasting endeavors.   Since we moderate the process, and actively seek that needle in the haystack candidate, and actively pursue top talent (sometimes literally snatching them from competitors), we are poised to delivering you a superior experience, all without any out-of-pocket risk to you.  See our process to learn more about our vetting steps involved.

We are a neutral 3rd party to candidate and client.  That means we get greater insight.

Also, we use advanced database, resources, and marketing processes to hunt for talent better than passively posting in job boards, or word of mouth.   In short, Job Noon will cherry pick candidates for your position and ensure they are qualified with job skills.

We are 100% confident in quality of your hired candidate, that if they leave within 90 days of hiring, we will work towards replacing that candidate to you for no additional cost.  

Rest assured, we will fill your roles in the unlikely case it doesn’t work out in the first 90 days.

Since we are contingency based, we assure to get paid with a simple, boiler plate fee agreement.   This ensures we get paid for delivering you quality, risk free work. 

Remember, we will be spending our time, advertising, and additional resources to find the applicant.  It is no risk for the client to start working, and agreement is non-exclusive.  You are not committing to any provider, and doesn’t interfere with your current hiring process.

Absolutely not.   The beauty of contingency recruiting for employers is that they have a 100% Risk-free process, and will never be charge, which is spelled out in fee agreement as well. 

You only pay after hiring the applicant which you agreed to hire.   Let us free you from the burden of finding top talent, and set up a launch call with us today.

why we are different from others COMPETITIVE EDGE



  • Fees : Retainer , Boarding Costs
  • Guarentee : Usually Not
  • Neutral Third Party :Thier Incentive to Bill As Much As Possible / Mis Aligned - Objective
  • Deep Applicant Pool Access : Yes Use Certain Database


  • Fees : No Upfront
  • Guarentee : Yes , 90 Days Replacement
  • Neutral Third Party : Yes Can Help Both Candidate And Client
  • Deep Applicant Pool Access : Yes, Technology to Access Candidates


  • Fees :Internal Staff
  • Guarentee : No
  • Neutral Third Party : Internal HR Not Equipped To Access Candidates And Work For Company Directly
  • Deep Applicant Pool Access : No Mostly Post In Major Job Boards But Usually Do Not Actively Hunt For Top Talent

Recipe for Success

Overall, Job Noon recruitment process is designed to offload the frustration and time urgency of hiring quality talent, without sifting through mediocre applicants, or giving up more perks than necessary to board top talent. That is why a 3rd party like Job Noon is a much needed partner to help your ongoing hiring needs for long term placement, so you can focus on growing your company vision.

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Job Noon is a Tech recruiter agency that focuses on technology candidates for fast growing startups, and focuses on quality hires

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